The Prequel:

In Paris

A year before the Bermuda Triangle, Jacuba finds herself in a strange predicament in Paris. She is part of a competitive Parkour Team when all becomes unprecedented.



A teenager goes missing while looking for her father in Cuba. Could the mob or the pirates be involved? Is there a conspiracy theory at play? Read and find out!


Displaced is a narrated story set in the late 1990s. It depicts the journey of six immigrants to Canada. It touches on all emotions; You will laugh and cry with the characters.

Famous Canadian Authors

Communicating with Grammar
Skills for Life 2

Author & Educator / About

Jaklin Zayat

My first teaching experience was at Sir Sandford Fleming College, as a TA for an International ESL class. Although initially my intentions were temporary, I enjoyed the experience so much that it slowly developed into a rewarding career.

The passion and pleasure of teaching has now expanded to nearly three decades and a rewarding career that includes teaching at Algonquin College, University of Ottawa and currently at La Cité.


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